Jigsaw Puzzles

The Living Kingdom: monera, protoctista, fungi, plantae, animalia

The Living Kingdom: 49-piece.

The Living Kingdom: 150-piece!

Ecosystems - Rocks - 100-piece Grand Canyon

Image by: Michel Béga

Rugby Union: 36-piece jigsaw

Rugby Union: 100-piece jigsaw

32-piece jigsaw puzzle (Adjectives of Feelings).

64-piece jigsaw puzzle (Adjectives of Feelings)

Online Jigsaw Puzzle At The Airport Vocabulary
At The Airport: Vocabulary

online jigsaw puzzle

Reptiles: 10x8 Jigsaw Puzzle

Reptiles: 14x7 Jigsaw Puzzle

online jigsaw puzzle CAPITALS OF THE WORLD: 30-piece jigsaw puzzle

60-piece jigsaw puzzle

140-piece jigsw puzzle

Taj Mahal online jigsaw puzzle

COLOUR WHEEL: 36-piece jigsaw

100-piece jigsaw


  1. These are great, Chiew. How do you make them?

    1. Uuf, Teresa, that was a long time ago ;)
      I think I created them using this software: Flash Jigsaw Producer
      Not free, I'm afraid, but there's a trial version.


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