Saturday, 6 February 2010

What is an ecosystem?

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An ecosystem is a community of all plants and animals in a particular area, and the way they depend on each other, either directly or indirectly. It includes plants, trees, animals, microorganisms, water, soil, and people.

Everything that lives in an ecosystem is dependent on the other elements that are also part of that system. If one part of an ecosystem disappears or is damaged, it has an impact on everything else.

Ecosystems can be as large as a tropical rainforest or a desert, or as small as a pond or a hedgerow.

Examples of ecosystems are coral reefs, rainforests, deep seas, savanna, tundra, and even urban centres such as our cities.

Now, see if you can identify the ecosystems featured in this labelling game. If you think you are quite familiar with the concept of ecosystems, you can try the second quiz at the bottom. Don't forget to post a comment!

Click on the image below to start the labelling game.

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