Sunday, 15 August 2010

Images from Mallorca Part 5 (of 5)

Part Five, the final part: Shots of wealthy Port Andratx, and yet another enchanting mountain village, Estellencs. We arrived here quite late in the evening, so we stayed for dinner. There are a few hotels which looked quite good, so it must attract its fair share of visitors. It feels like a great place to stay if you're looking for some peace and quiet. As with a lot of Mallorcan villages, it is a maze of narrow cobbled alleys lined with pretty yellow stone houses. There is a track which leads down to the beach, which we, obviously, didn't take!

I hope you've enjoyed these photos, a selection from some 500+ shots I took. Unfortunately, I only have a point-and-shoot Lumix, so I had little control over speed/aperture settings. If you would like a copy of the original high resolution shots, email me.

The Super Poke Pets advertisement at the bottom is somewhat annoying. Look for the X at the top right of the caption and click it to close.

Click on any slide or 'View all images' to see the photos in full screen mode.

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