Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas - New & Fresh Ideas: Games and Activities

The Bell Medley   Timeless Christmas (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Sampler)
New and fresh ideas for your Christmas classes! Feel free to use them, but respect the Creative Commons etiquette - credit and link to this blog.

Christmas Trivia Quiz: see here.

Chiew's ELL EFL ESL CLIL Games Activities: Xmas

Tagxedo Word Cloud

Beam up the Tagxedo word cloud. Click image to enlarge. Elicit words related to Christmas. Ask students to explain the connection. Get them to construct sentences with the words. Have a game - split into groups. The group which creates the most number of correct sentences wins. Award special prizes for the funniest sentence, the longest sentence, etc. If they can't see the words well, it's no problem - have them come closer to take a look. Movement gets the brain cells working!

Beam this one up, and elicit the song before you play it!

Chiew's ELL EFL ESL CLIL Games Activities: Xmas

Or this:

Chiew's ELL EFL ESL CLIL Games Activities: Xmas

See who sings the loudest - the boys vs the girls, the left half of the class vs the right half, those born in the 1st 6 months of the year vs those in the 2nd half, etc.

Word Search

I'd prepared an online word search - I'm not going to do an offline version as I think they are a waste of time and paper - but, unfortunately, I have been unable to get the files hosted anywhere. If you're interested in doing it digitally in class, email me and I can send you the files.

Word Formation

Write the words CHRISTMAS TREE on the board. Ask them to form words. Get them to come up and write them down, several students at the same time. Keep it snappy!

Stocking Filler
Club Pack of 24 Santa, Angel and Snowman Theme Christmas Stockings   Plush Christmas Stocking

Split class into groups. Have as many stockings as groups. In each stocking fill it with all kinds of goodies and classroom objects. Remember that they will be handling the stockings quite roughly - I've used cheap stockings before and they didn't last two gropes before they started to tear, revealing some of the objects!

The aim of the game is for them to guess as many of the objects as possible. The group with the most number of correct guesses wins. In reality, all of them win as you will be sharing out the goodies among them!

Points-and-click game

Chiew's ELL EFL ESL CLIL Games Activities: Xmas

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