Thursday, 21 April 2011

Interview with Nicky Hockly on IATEFL 2011: Listening Comprehension

Note: Last updated on 24 April 2011 to add phrasal verbs and vocabulary questions to the quiz.

ELT ESL EFL CLIL TEFL games, resources, activities: Listening comprehension based on IATEFL 2011 Brighton Interview with Nicky Hockly

Watch this interview with Nicky Hockly during the IATEFL 2011 Brighton conference. First, just watch and listen. Then, click on the image above, and review all the questions. Watch the video again, but, this time, attempt to answer all the questions.

Teachers: if you would like to use this activity for your students, you can ask them to enter your email address. This way, all their results will be sent to you, and you can evaluate them.

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