Thursday, 29 September 2011

Truth or Lie: Activity for any classroom

Chiew on iasku Blog Challenge truth or lie

I recently responded to a blog challenge by a video recording of myself - you can see it by clicking here. Most EFL teachers are probably aware of the activity where students are asked to say some things about themselves, and the others are to guess if they're true or false.

I suggested taking this a step further and have the students bring video recordings of themselves saying those things.

But, you can take it yet another step further. Although this activity is popular in the EFL classroom, there's no reason why it can't be used in the other classes, too. The topic doesn't need to be personal; it could be on anything. Examples:
  • What is a tangent, or an apex? (Geometry/Art)
  • They could describe an animal or an ecosystem. (Science)
  • They could talk about the rules of rugby. (PE)
  • They could talk about countries, or climate. (Geography)
As you can see, the limit is the extent of your imagination! Try it and let us know!

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