Thursday, 2 February 2012

Project 366: The First Month

Wow! I've made it through the first month without missing a day. Every day I've tried to shoot a few photos  but not all made it to the page. The lack of control over my automatic constantly frustrated me! To see the mosaics better, click on the images or if you wish to see the individual photos, January's lot are here.

Would you use any of these photos in your lessons?

Here's an idea for you. Beam these images up on the screen. Have the students work in small groups. Ask them to invent a character or characters, then choose 7 photos, and write up a story of a week in the life of their imaginary personality or personalities.

When they finish, they read their stories out to the rest of the class. Post it here if you wish!

For more ideas on using images, go to the index file of this blog and search (ctrl F) for "images" or "Project 366".



  1. Hey Chiew. There are definitely great pictures to use in class. I have been trying with all my heart and soul to take a pic each day, but no success so far...I will keep on trying though:)

    1. Hi Miguel,
      Thanks for the comment. So, how come you haven't managed to take any? Have you seen my guest-post tutorial over at ELTPics?

  2. Hi Chiew...I have taken quite a few...( read a great post you wrote on how to take pics and all that...Fantastic, but once again need time and learn how to take pictures right....But I will....That's for sure:)

    1. Lovely orchids! They must be among the sexiest flowers ever! ;-)
      Yes, it is true; it does take a little bit of time. Sometimes, I need very little - I try to have a camera with me whenever I'm out and about - a subject appears, conditions are great, I snap, and it looks good, I upload, and that's that. Other times, I need to do a little editing. But, there are times when I spend time trying to improve on shots that don't emit what I was looking for, and after much time, I may have to give up. There are situations where even a great carpenter can't do much with just a baby saw! Haha.


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