Sunday, 8 April 2012

Opportunity keeps on knocking!

iTDi International Teacher Development Institute

Last month, iTDi (International Teacher Development Institute) held its first webinar and some of you might have been lucky to get in...or not. I myself had trouble obtaining entry because I had a class before and couldn't get back home early. I kept on trying and I eventually succeeded when some people had to leave the room early. By then, I'd missed the first half of it. Fortunately, there was a recording I could watch.

On 28th April, they are holding their second webinar entitled "What do we know about language teaching and learning?" Speakers are the glamorous five, six, if you include the omnipresent Shelly Terrell as the moderator. Barbara Sakamoto will start the session off with The Fashions of ELT. She's accompanied by Özge Karaoglu, Ann Mayeda, Penny Ur, and Kate Cory-Wright.

For more details and registration, visit iTDi's webinar page.

Please be aware that registration does not guarantee you an automatic entry; it will however, provide you with the "key" to the room before the doors are open to the general public. It's always advisable to be early, just in case there is software to be installed or updated, or you encounter audio-visual hiccups; in any case, it's good to be present before the start so you can soak up the atmosphere and chat with other attendees. Learning occurs before, during and after!

See you there!

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  1. Really great advice, Chiew! Thanks for sharing it. I hope that everyone who wants to attend the webinar, can :)

    Luckily, there's always a recording!

    1. Yes, we hope so, but I'm sure the room will be full again! So, yes, they'll have to register, then come in early! Failing that, there's the recording!

  2. Hi there!!
    thank you all for this webinar, I can't wait!! I'm so happy it's on a Saturday, that means I have no problems
    attending!! I hope there will be others in the future!!

    1. Looking forward to seeing you in the room!


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