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Here you will find a collection of links to some free useful resources; they're listed in alphabetical order. The links open on a new tab or window. If you find this page useful, PLEASE tell other people about it - you can tweet, send it to Facebook, etc at the end of the page.

Most of these resources have been used by me at one time or another, and the links will be constantly updated, so be sure to keep coming back! Feedback, as usual, will be much appreciated.


Any.Do Task Manager
Camera Scan
Macmillan Sounds App
Musixmatch (The best audio player I've tried. Searches & displays lyrics)
Oxford Dictionary (The OD Quick Search is free)

Audio Editing and Podcasting

Sound Cloud (record and share)

Blog List (What other teachers are writing...)

Crème de la crème of ELT blogs


Pearl Trees
Pocket (formerly Read it Later)


Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

Business English

BBC Business News (there's always something of interest here)
British Council Teaching English for Business
Claire Hart's Business English Blog
Evan Frendo
International House Barcelona
Nathan Hall's Titan Pad of Business English Resources
Paul Emmerson
The Office Life (ridiculous business jargon dictionary)


Referencing Generator (how to cite your sources)
The Plagiarism Checker
Wikipedia explains Creative Commons

Creating Comic Strips

Bit Strips
Animated Cartoons (Dvolver)

Creating Games & Other Activities

Content Generator
Hot Potatoes
Lyrics Gaps (Ready-made gaps or create your own)
My Studiyo
Purpose Games
Super Teacher Tools (I haven't tried it out)
Textivate (create multiple exercises on any text)
The Ultimate Word Search Maker (online & embeddable)
Tools for Educators (THINK before you print, please! Save the Earth!)
Tools for English (Creating worksheets for gap-fill, multiple choice, etc, but plea as above!
Video & Lyrics (embeddable)


Chat Slang (lists acronyms and emoticons, even translates! See Transl8 It below too)
Colloborative Multilingual
Corpus of Global Web-based English (worth taking time to learn how to use it)
DivII Video Dictionary (shows word used in context on video with subtitles)
ESOL Help (Picture dictionary [US]. Includes other resources too; useful for young learners)
Glossary of English Grammar Terms
Google Translate
Memidex (searches several dictionaries for your query!)
Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary
Multilingual Dictionary
Netspeak (useful for finding collocations, comparisons, etc.)
Oxford (multilingual)
Phrasal Verbs (150 most common from The PHaVE List: A pedagogical list of phrasal verbs and their most frequent meaning senses (2014) by Mélodie Garnier & Norbert Schmitt.)
Power Thesaurus
Shahi Visual Dictionary (uses photos, not drawings, but beware! ;-))
The Free Dictionary
Transl8 It! (Fun translator - SMS-English-SMS)
Urban Dictionary
Visual Dictionary
Word Hippo (all-in-one: synonyms, antonyms, rhymes, example sentences, etc.)
Word Sift (Visual dictionary)

File Hosting

Google Sites


Curso de Inglés (Grammar explanations and exercises for Spanish speakers)
English Grammar Secrets (Simple explanations with accompanying interactive exercises)
English Language and Usage
Grammar Girl

Ideas & Materials for Teachers

Acronyms (Interesting list of ELT acronyms)
BBC Learning English
Breaking News
British Council (Kids)
British Council (Learn English)
British Council (Teach English)
British Council Word Family Framework (shows how words within the same family are placed at different levels) For instruction, click here.
Busy Teachers
Cambridge Resources for teachers (especially for their exams)
ELT Bites (Ideas with minimal resources from teachers from around the globe)
English Profile (The vocabulary profile allows use of their corpus - free at the moment!)
ESL Galaxy
ESL Jokes (Funny material!)
Exam English (includes grammar, listening, etc.)
Hancock McDonald (all kinds of classroom materials)
Hot English Magazine
Jamie Keddie's Lesson Stream
Kieran Donaghy's Film English (ideas on using films in the classroom)
Lantern Fish (Boggles World ESL)
Linguist List (International Linguistics Community Online)
Oxford 3000 Profiler (Paste a text and it'll check the difficulty of the text)
Russell Stannard's Teacher Training videos
Teflpedia - some ideas & resources for teaching English
Scoop.It on International Exams
VAULTT (Video Assistance for Understanding Language Teaching Techniques)
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED (if you have some time to spare...)


Finding good high-resolution images which you can use/edit freely can sometimes be very time-consuming. Here's some help. Always read the licence first, and respect it.

My very own Flickr sets
Comp Fight (an image search engine centred on Flickr)
Creative Commons on Flickr
ELTPics on Flickr (if you wish to see my contribution, they're here)
FlickrCC (an image search engine centred on Flickr)
Wunder Stock (a search engine on Creative Commons images)
Free Flash Cards
Free Flash Cards 2
Free Images Collection
GIMP (Free powerful image editing software)
Image Codr (Searches Flickr and gives you images + CC licence + html code!)
Morgue File
Mosaic Maker (Create a mosaic online, which you can save)
NASA Multimedia
Pic Monkey (Online image editing)
Picture2Life (Image editing, including making mosaics)
Pixa Bay (High quality, public domain images)
Public Domain Clip Art
Shape Collage (a freeware to create collages in different shapes)
Unsplash (free high resolution images)
Wikimedia Commons

Jobs (especially for teachers looking for jobs. Note: I don't vouch for any of them. Use common sense when using any of these. If any site asks you for payment first, strike them off your list and please let me know)

Ajarn (for Thailand)
British Council Language Assistants Project
Cambridge English Teacher (you need to be registered with them (free))
Dave's ESL Café
Don Profesor (free ads for private classes in Spain)
English First
ESL101 (jobs, resources, information)
ESL Base
ESL Employment
Fast Track 
International House
Just Landed (more for general advice but also has jobs, not necessarily EFL) 
Mil anuncios (general ads for Spain)
Profe particular (free ads for private classes in Spain)
Tablon de anuncios (all kinds of things for Spain)
Teacher Hit
Teachers for Asia
Teach in Vietnam
Teach to Travel (specialising in the Far East; also Turkey)
Tus clases particulares (free ads for private classes in Spain)
You can teach English
World of TEFL
World Teachers (specialising in the Middle East) 

Listening (see also Ideas & Material for teachers)

BBC Podcasts
Convert Text to Speech! (choice of accents)
Convert Text to Speech! (US accent)
ESL Video (has quizzes, and also allows you to create your own although I haven't tried it yet. Embedding is also possible.)
Forvo (listen to words and phrases or collaborate)
International Dialects of English Archive (Accents, dialects)
Listen a Minute
Luke's English Podcast
Phrasal Verbs
Ted Talks

Mind Mappers (see: review) (Free version only allows 3 saved sheets)
Slate Box
Spider Scribe
Text to Mind Map (no sign up nor download required)

Online Surveys

Free Online Surveys
Google Docs
Kwik Surveys
Poll Daddy
Survey Monkey

Online Task Management

Hi Task

Phrasal Verbs

Memrise course on 150 most common phrasal verbs
More exercises on ESL EXOS
PHaVE dictionary - meanings and rank of 150 most common PVs
PHaVE trainer - test you on the 150 PVs
Phrasal verb demon - all kinds of stuff
Phrasal verb stories - with gapped exercises by Michelle Worgan


Adrian Underhill
AT&T Text-to-speech (Demo)
Cambridge Phonetic Focus
Online Phonemic Chart Keyboard
Phonetics Flash Animation (showing animated articulatory diagram)
Phonetizer - Transcribe texts online of offline
PhoTransEdit - powerful tool, available online and offline.
Pronunciation Central (teaching pronunciation)
Rachel's English (US) - includes videos, mouth positions, etc.
Teaching English

Screen Capture

Instant Shot

Shortening URLs (for Tweeting, e.g.)

Slide Shows (For displaying students' work, for example)

Photo Peach

Synchronising Files/Folders

If you tend to update files in several places, e.g., in your internal and external hard drives, it may be a headache trying to keep track of what you've done. Synchronising your folders ensures that you have the same files in all your storage.

Drop Box (sync to the clouds - 2GB free online storage)
FreeFileSync (Open source folder synchronization)

Twitter stuff

Hootsuite (Social media dashboard)
Today's Meet (Backchanneling)
Tweetchat (Backchanneling - great for following #chats)
Tweetdeck (Social media dashboard)
Tweetdoc (Collecting tweets)
Tweet Download (allows you to download your tweets, among other things)
Twitter Fall (Backchanneling)
Twitter Fountain (Backchanneling)
Twitwheel (Visualising tweets - search by username or keyword. Cool.)
Visible tweets (Backchanneling)
Wall of Silver (Backchanneling)

Web Design

Word Clouders

Image Chef
Tag Cloud
Tag Crowd
Word it out
Word Sift


Story Starters
Type with me

Links to Links

These pages contain links to other resources which I may or may not have tested, so use them at your own judgement.

Make Use Of - Best 107 websites
Online Degree - Best 100 Web 2.0 Tools


  1. I have 2 sites you might consider linking to as resources:
    A blog on helping people improve their language learning

    A FREE ebook available for same purpose..if people will help me out and answer a few easy questions to help me with a book I am writing..they can download. at


  2. I think this is another useful site to record words from Oxford Online into flashcards for review:

  3. This is a great site! Thank you for sharing. If I find any you don't have listed I will pass them on.

  4. Hi Chiew,
    I'm looking for something to curate info, which I think is the same as bookmarking and organizing resources.... (terminology confuses me!) ;) What do you recommend from your experience? Thx!

    1. Yes, look under bookmarking. ScoopIt is online but allows you 5 or 6 topics only. Evernote is also free and is both on & offline and you can sync them. I'd suggest you look at those two first. It's all a matter of choice, really.

    2. I'll take a look at these two, thanks very much!

    3. Noreen, I forgot to mention this post I wrote on bookmarks - have you seen it?

  5. Can you add to this list. Its a very good tool for "record & share"?

    {Try Voicelr, an audio messaging service to record your voice and create original sounds. Express yourself in your own voice and make yourself heard.

    Its very easy - Record your voice and share on Facebook, twitter, google plus or privately by mail.

  6. Hi Chiew,
    Thanks for sharing such fantastic resources. Where should I save such an useful source of info? PCkeeping is harder than housekeeping, I think.
    We are using as a curation tool for 2014 EVO. Very friendly and with visual impact.
    I'm having trouble to get to Any idea why? Or it might have to do with Safari?

  7. Thanks for the thumbs-up and the heads-up! Looks like is no longer in existence. I'll remove it.
    The answer to your question is you don't. The only thing you need to save is the link to this page. I update it when I find either something worthwhile, remove broken links (such as, a free resource stops being free, etc.
    You can use fancy curation tools but I find you end up not using it as it becomes difficult to look for things. I prefer a simple list like this, under simple headers, just links, no images, all on one page, so a quick glance gives you an idea of what might be interesting or relevant to you.

  8. Hello Chiew,
    you might find my site interesting for your site.
    It contains free materials for learners of English. There are grammar mind maps and games for learners of English. Check it out and if you like it, I will be really happy if you share it.
    Have a nice day
    Zdenek Rotrekl

  9. Hello!

    I thought you might be interested in adding another useful resource to the article!

    Power Thesaurus ( is an easy-to-follow, crowdsourced online thesaurus.

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

    Nina McEwen

  10. Hello,
    My name is Serge. I was working on research of linguistic tools and found your site. This page contains a really great list of resources and I want to say thanks for it! Also, I want to suggest a one more link to a definition dictionary which I use frequently (Apart from definitions it provides rhymes, quotes and idioms). I see that you already have a few links to the related services on this page, so adding - probably would be a good new opportunity for your visitors to find more information.

  11. Thanks for this -it's a fantastic list to explore. I have not heard the word "curation" before. Every day is a new adventure in language learning.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Pauline. This list was started at least 4 years ago, if not more, so if you happen to find any that no longer works, do let me know. I try to keep it all up to date but I may have missed some.


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