Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Courageous or suicidal? Man plunges 186 feet!

Isn't it masochistic madness? Tyler Bradt, a young 22-year-old American, has been receiving tremendous media coverage after he ran the 186-foot (equivalent to almost 60 metres) Palouse Waterfalls in Washington State in a kayak. In waterfalls, the run is the linear distance from where the stream flows at the top of the waterfall to its base, and in water sports, going down the run is called running it. When Bradt ran The Palouse Waterfalls, risking life and limb, he broke the previous world record of 127 feet, held by Brazilian Pedro Oliveira. However, in an interview, Bradt said that reclaiming the world record (he had held the record prior to Oliveira) hadn't been his motivation, but rather "to help people understand that the only limits that exist are the ones you create".

He says, "I would rather risk my life than risk not living my life."

What drives people like Bradt to achieve feats which mortals like us would faint simply at the mere thought of it? I'd love to hear your comments!

To know more about kayaking and running waterfalls, just google it. In case you haven't noticed it, I've made things easier for readers of this page by incorporating a Google search bar on the top of the left column.

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