Saturday, 21 November 2009

Class Debate - tasks for everyone

First and foremost, let me thank everyone. Let me thank those who had expressed enough interest to have voted, but let me also thank those who had not voted because they made me realise that some students were thinking they could switch off while their classmates would have to slog their guts out for a month or so.

So, as everyone now knows, or should know, this debate project will be graded for the 2nd evaluation.

The debate will be held on 15th December 2009. The motion is: Abortion should be made legal on demand through the 12th week.

The tasks, to be handed in on or before 21st Dec, are as follows:

The speakers will submit their speeches (not their original, but rather what they finally ended up giving in the debate). They can, if they wish, include a short summary of their opinion on the proceedings.

The judges' report is based on their justification for the points awarded. They will review each speaker's performance. They will also be expected to mention something with regards to their fellow judges' decisions, such as any disagreements and how they were resolved.

The chairperson is required to hand in a report which includes his introductory speech and a review of the proceedings (problems, timings, vote count, judges' decisions, etc). He is also expected to give his opinion on the whole debate, on his classmates' performance and recommendations on possible improvements.

The rest of the class have two tasks:

1. They will have to prepare a short text on their opinion of the motion. They could speak for or against the motion, or take a neutral stance. Just a few lines will suffice. The chairperson will call upon each of them to speak during the floor debate session(s).

2. In addition to that, they will act as reporters for a fictitious school newspaper/magazine. They are to write an article about the debate. This will include how the idea of this debate came to fruition, how the motion was decided, the names of the participants, their performance, and the judges' decision. As a reporter, they are also expected to give their own opinions on the proceedings and the outcome of the debate.

Post your doubts or queries in the comments section below, and I'll try to help.

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