Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sports - Double Puzzle

There are quite a few free websites which allow you to create your own activities, and one of those is Puzzlemaker. Here, you can make your own puzzles, such as Word Search, Double Puzzles, Maths Squares, Cryptograms and Mazes. The only price you pay is a link to the website at the end of the document. As an example, I've created a double puzzle on sports. 

First, you unscramble each of the clue words. Then, using the circled letters, unscramble these for a hidden message.

Before printing it, think carefully before you do it. Do you really need to? If you have a projector, you can beam the document up, and have a competition to see who is the quickest to solve the puzzle. Have a look at this other activity, too:

This document can also be downloaded from Scribd.

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