Sunday, 15 January 2012

Project 366: Second week

The weeks are going fast, and the shutter's been clicking away... We've now completed the second week, and I'm displaying a selection of seven images with a challenge for you.

Use them in your next lesson!

OK, I'll give some ideas. The obvious would be to have your students tell/write a story based on these photos. They could work in groups and you could have the whole class vote for the best story.

Before that, however, you could work on the images individually. Think question words, think the five senses. For more ideas on how to use images, go to Index File, ctrl+F, and search on "images". Also see Shoot to CLIL. For more choices of pictures from the second week or if you want to see them one by one  in greater detail, go here.

Have you got any more ideas on how you would use these?

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