Sunday, 22 January 2012

Project 366: The Third Week

Yes, that's right, 21 days have flown past and on the last count, 84 photos in my Project366 folder in Flickr - that's not counting those that didn't make it that far! Here's a selection from the third week.

Lesson ideas?

Divide class into seven groups, and randomly allocate 1 photo each (throw a dice, for example).  First, elicit all the words they can think of, words which, in their mind, they can associate with the image. Get them to explain later. You (and the students) may think, oh, we've got #3, the worst. What can we say?

That's where critical thinking comes into play. Water and tiles might come into mind, right? I can think of a multitude more: rain, raindrops, dew, transparent, wet, cold, lines, squares, geometry, wall, window, glass, damp, humid, blue, colourless, odourless, etc, etc... get the gist?

Then, use their image to describe a mini story either orally (can be spoken, sung, rapped...) or written (prose, poetry, lyrics...)

Review by asking a group to describe another group's contribution.


  1. Great fun ideas and some super pictures as always. I'm really enjoying this challenge.

  2. Thanks Sue! I'm enjoying it, too! :)

  3. Thanks for linking to your post, Chiew. You've got some really great ideas for exploiting the images in this project. Keep up the fab work! 84 pics in only 22 days is amazing :-) Like Sue, I'm really enjoying this challenge as you never know what stories and images are round the corner!

  4. Thanks for the visit, Jan. It's great fun, huh? Set the minds & the eyes on the alert... ;)

  5. Hi Chiew,

    I use images and story telling as much as possible in my daily teaching and really liked this idea! Thank you; definitely must visit your project more often :-)

  6. Hi Ana! Thanks for the comment - glad you like the idea! There are further ideas I'd published some time back: if you go to my index file, scroll down to Teachers' Corner, you'll find more stuff related to images. Some of the links may lead to the older version of the blog as I haven't managed to update all the links yet. However, if you change the "to" in the url to "2", you should come to this blog; if not, let me know!


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