Friday, 14 January 2011

Idioms Part 3 (Animals Bees - Cats) Interactive Game

There's been a slight change to the format of these games on idioms following a suggestion by "afasico". In order not to make the games too easy, I'd replaced the missing words with images, although I was in two minds about it. This is why I value feedback immensely.

As "afasico" quite rightly pointed out, you can't normally replace key words in idioms. For example, we say 'like the back end of a bus', but someone used to US English might have used 'coach' to replace the image of the bus, and 'like the back end of a coach' just doesn't sound right, does it?

So, now, the idioms have a missing word. This missing word will be represented by an image. There are two clues for each idiom. If the clue gives you the meaning of the idiom, you will have to match it to the gap in the idiom. If the clue is the missing word, e.g., 'bus', you'll have to match it to the image.

Chiew's CLIL EFL ESL ELL TEFL Free Online Games Activities: Animal Idioms

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