Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Parts of a Wind Turbine: Labelling Game

Renewable Energy - Wind Turbine

The largely unknown tiny Canarian island of El Hierro will soon become anything but that.

By next year, it will become the first island in the world to obtain 100% of its energy needs from renewable energy. A combination of wind and hydroelectrical power will supply electricity to its 11,000 residents and its floating population of foreign workers and tourists, which, no doubt, will increase significantly.

It thus seems appropriate that we should look a little deeper into wind turbines. These look like a modern version of traditional windmills and basically converts wind energy into electrical power.

Watch the video, and then click on the image further below to start a labelling game. Play it a few times, and soon, you will know the names of the internal parts of a wind turbine.

Chiew CLIL EFL ESL ELL TESOL TEFL: Parts of a Wind Turbine

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