Saturday, 5 February 2011

Top 3 Games

Regular readers among you will have noticed that I use Purpose Games a lot, and, no, in case you're wondering, I don't earn anything from them. I use them because the tagging games are relatively easy to create, they're free, I haven't found any better, and they suit my purpose (no pun intended) just fine.

If you're having students play the games there (linking through here first, I hope), I'd recommend that they register. The only reason for this is so that their scores are recorded, and this provides a challenging incentive. The more they play, the more they will remember.

I took a peek recently to see which games were the most popular, and these are the top three. It's worth noting that all three are under the science category. I wonder why...

Animal Cell Label Game
   Played 5,168 times

Muscular System Label Game
   Played 2,281 times

Parts of a flower label game
   Played 1,283 times

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