Sunday, 2 August 2009

Have you been reading my posts?

Well, have you? Here's a simple fill-in-the-gap activity. There are 10 sentences with 4 missing words from each. You choose the missing words from a jumbled list. No cheating! Try it first before looking for the answers. As usual, have fun learning!
Have you been reading my posts?


  1. I have tried to read your blog, but for some reason, my computer wouldn't let me.  It seems to be working now, so I will definitely be back to read more. 

  2. Thanks for the comment, Betty. SHould you have further problems, do let me know since it's all right at my end.

  3. I'm not sure what was going on with my computer, but I'm glad it allowed me
    on your blog today. I am thinking about writing a post about your blog if
    that's okay. It is awesome and just flat entertaining. I found it hard to
    leave once I was there.
    I played the game about musical instruments and didn't score well.:) No
    surprise. (My Wii fitness score is 80. Pretty bad, huh?) Anway, I am sure
    band directiors would get a kick out of it. plus a better score.
    Keep doing what you're doing!

  4. Don't talk to me about PC problems, Betty - I've been tearing my hair out for the past few weeks, and am still at it! :'( Even after reformatting and all...  it's got the 5 year itch! Thank God for the notebook!
    You have no idea what it means to hear someone say they find my blog entertaining! It's been an uphill (or upclil?) climb this past month or so trying to finetune this baby of mine. :-P
    Sure, you can write all you want and more about it! I could do with more visitors! :-[

  5. Hey Betty - exclusive news for you! Seeing how you were 'entertained' by the musical instruments quiz, I've created Part 2, with a little difference!
    ;) I'm sure you'll love it! I've scheduled for it to be posted on 4th Aug at 06:05 GMT. So, don't miss it! Girls just wanna have fun! 8-)

  6. My computer is throwing me off of your site again. I am going to have my
    son in law check it out.

  7. This is all a bit worrying, Betty. Could you email me about it? Is it only my site? WHich browser are you using? What actually happens when you say you're thrown off? Can you see anything at all? Do you get an error message?

  8. It only happens with your site, and I'm telling you that I really love your
    site. Therefore, I am frustrated. The message says: Internet Explorer
    cannot open the Internet site (it then gives your site address) Operation
    aborted. It actually disconnects me from the internet so that I have to
    sign on again. There is also a red circle with an X in the middle.

  9. Very strange indeed. I've tested on both Firefox and IE with no problems. Might I ask which version of IE you are using? Have you got any other browser to try? You're a valued reader, so I don't want to lose you! :'(

  10. I am not that good at computers, but I think I might have Firefox. I am
    going to check with my son in law and let him help me figure it out. I am
    determined to get it to work.:)

  11. Well, keep my email handy just in case you can't get in again!


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