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Keys to Games and Quizzes

Wizard's Widgets: 1b; 2b; 3a; 4b

Unscramble these jumbled sentences!

  1. Peter walks two kilometres to his office every day.
  2. Music is an important area for Microsoft.
  3. The new optician’s next to the bank will open next Friday.
  4. We’re waiting patiently for the bus at the bus stop opposite the church.
  5. If the tennis court is busy, we can go to the gym instead.
  6. The internet should not be controlled.
  7. We could drive to the lake and go fishing.
  8. The department store opened until 10 o’clock because they were having a massive sale.
  9. I’ve agreed to meet Dan in the old market place outside the library.
  10. Jennifer bought a couple of cakes at the bakery, then ran to the post office.
  11. The government has vowed to crack down on internet pirates.
  12. Research has shown that illegal filesharing has decreased by a third among teenagers.
  13. Michael Jackson was preparing for 50 London performances at the time of his death.
Match the Dialogue: In a Shop

Assistant: Can I help you?
Customer: Yes, I'm looking for a pair of green jeans.
Assistant: What size are you?
Customer: 12.
Assistant: How about these over here?
Customer: They look great. Could I try them on?
Assistant: Certainly! The changing rooms are over there.
Customer: Thank you.
Assistant: Do they fit?
Customer: Yes, I'll take them. Do you accept credit card?
Assistant: Yes, we do. Visa and Master Card only.
Customer: That's fine. Here you are.

Match the Dialogue: In a restaurant.

Waiter: Good evening, have you got a reservation?
Customer: Yes, the name's Turner. William Turner.
Waiter: For how many people?
Customer: Two.
Waiter: Smoking or non-smoking?
Customer: Non-smoking, please.
Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Customer: Yes, I'll have the house salad for starter and roast beef to follow.
Waiter: I'm sorry; we've run out of roast beef.
Customer: That's ok. I'll have the steak instead.
Waiter: How would you like your steak?
Customer: Medium-rare, please.
Waiter: Is everything all right?
Customer: Yes, this is delicious, thanks.
Waiter: Have you finished?
Customer: No, I haven't.
Waiter: Would you like anything else?
Customer: No, nothing else.
Waiter: Would you like your bill?
Customer: Yes, please. Do you accept American Express?
Waiter: I'm afraid we don't.
Customer: How about Visa?
Waiter: Yes, that's fine.
Customer: There you go.

Have you been reading my posts? Missing words quiz.

1. It is [important] that learners are taught the different registers of [the] language, [and]
debate is an excellent oportunity for them to [practise] formal usage.
2. When you consider that plastic bags take between 500 and 1,000 years to degrade, you wonder how [this] has been permitted [to] carry [on] [for] as long as it has.
3. Although he [was] well known among [musicians], his music was seldom commercial
enough to bring him to [the] attention of the [general] public.
4. In other words, a pandemic disease is an epidemic affecting many [people] over a [wide] geographical area, but an [epidemic] is not necessarily [pandemic].
5. Next time [you're] on the beach, before [you] [start] complaining of how crowded it [is],
spare a thought for these people in China!
6. He had [wormed] his [way] into the family’s affections after meeting her [daughter] [on]
7. Free Rice [is] a website which, through the UN World Food Program, donates 10 grains of rice for every [answer] you [get] right in a [simple] quiz.
8. I [often] use raisins as they are [cheap] and I always [have] some in [the] kitchen.
9. If you're a teacher, you are probably already aware of the value of using games as an
educational tool, [and] [if] you're a [student], you probably think [games] are great fun!
10. When Bradt [ran] The Palouse [Waterfalls], [risking] [life] and limb, he broke the previous world record of 127 feet, held by Brazilian Pedro Oliveira.

Classify their Musical Instruments (Part 2)

B B King - guitar, string
Antonio Vivaldi - violin, string
Jimi Hendrix - guitar, string
Stephane Grappelli - violin, string
Ravi Shanker - sitar, string
Bonnie Raitt - guitar, string

John Coltrane - saxophone, woodwind
Stan Getz - saxophone, woodwind
Charlie Parker - saxophone, woodwind
Benny Goodman - clarinet), woodwind
Woody Allen - clarinet, woodwind
Bill Clinton - saxophone, woodwind

Dizzy Gillespie - trumpet, brass
Miles Davies - trumpet, brass
Louis Armstrong - trumpet, brass
Glen Miller - trombone, brass
Freddie Hubbard - trumpet, brass
Maurice André - trumpet, brass

Ringo Starr - drums, percussion
Billy Cobham - drums, percussion
Phil Collins - drums, percussion
Elvin Jones - drums, percussion
Buddy Rich - drums, percussion
Keith Moon - drums, percussion

Unscramble these jumbled sentences, Part 2

1. They were closed because too many teachers were ill
2. Governments are taking different approaches to slowing the spread of the virus
3. Experts expect the flu will pick up activity in the autumn
4. Governments are taking different approaches to slowing the spread of the virus (sorry, I know. I goofed and duplicated this)
5. Closing schools are unlikely to do much to prevent the spread of the swine flu pandemic
6. It appears that the new H1N1 is now too widespread to try to stop
7. Schools were not closed for the purpose of trying to control the spread of disease
8. The flu service website handed out over 150,000 doses of Tamiflu in its first week
9. Those who believe they have symptoms are advised to contact the National Pandemic Flu Service over the phone or online
10. Thousands of healthy workers are thought to have taken advantage of official guidelines on the pandemic to extend their summer holidays

Dialogue - At the Passport Control, Matching Game

Immigration Oficial: Good morning.
Businessman: Good morning.
Immigration Oficial: Can I see your passport, please?
Businessman: Sure. Here you are.
Immigration Oficial: Thank you very much. Are you a tourist or on business?
Businessman: I’m on business.
Immigration Oficial: How long will you be staying?
Businessman: One week.
Immigration Oficial: Where will you be staying?
Businessman: I’m staying at The Shangri-La Hotel.
Immigration Oficial: That's fine. Have a pleasant stay.
Businessman: Thank you.

Dialogue - At the Airport Check-In, Matching Game

Good morning. Can I have your ticket, please?
Of course. Here you are.
Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
I'd like a window seat, please.
Do you have any baggage?
Yes, one suitcase and this carry-on bag.
Please put your suitcase on the scales.
And this carry-on bag, too?
No, just the suitcase. Did you pack your case yourself?
Yes, I did.
Here's your boarding pass. Boarding is at 19:45, at gate 23. Be there 15 minutes before.
Thank you. Bye bye.

Unscramble these jumbled sentences Part 3: Daily Routines

  1. She wakes up early every morning
  2. He washes his face after he wakes up
  3. He takes a shower before breakfast
  4. She dries her hair after her shower
  5. He brushes his hair after his shower
  6. He eats breakfast before he goes to work
  7. He brushes his teeth after he finishes his breakfast
  8. She gets dressed after she finishes her shower
  9. He goes to the bathroom every morning
  10. He makes his bed after he wakes up
  11. He goes to school at 7:30 in the morning
  12. He goes home at 2 o’clock in the afternoon
  13. He eats lunch when he arrives home
  14. He does his homework after he finishes his lunch
  15. He eats dinner at 8 o’clock in the evening
  16. He takes a bath after he finishes his dinner
  17. He goes to bed about 11 o’clock at night
Dialogue Quiz: Booking Into A Hotel

Receptionist: Good afternoon, can I help you?
Client: Er...yes. I've got a reservation in the name of Hernández, Miguel Hernández.
Receptionist: Mmm...hold on a sec, let me check. Ah, yes. A twin room. Could you fill in this form, please?
Client: Sure. There's one thing though. I booked for 5 days, but I might have to stay longer.
Receptionist: Oh dear... we're fully booked this week.
Client: It's just that they're planning to extend the meeting I'm attending, and I'd like to be present.
Receptionist: If you could confirm the check-out date as soon as possible, we'll see what we can do.
Client: Ok, thanks very much. I'll try to confirm it later today.
Receptionist: How would you like to pay for the room, sir?
Client: Will American Express do?
Receptionist: Sure. You'll have to sign here. We'll close the bill when you check out. Here are your keys...
Client: Thank you. Could you tell me where the nearest bank is?

Dialogue Quiz: Invitation to the cinema

Jane: Hi, Pete! How are you?
Pete: Hiya Jane! You're looking gorgeous today!
Jane: Thanks! You don't look too bad yourself.
Pete: Say, do you fancy going to the cinema tonight?
Jane: The cinema? I haven't been for ages! What have you got in mind?
Pete: I was thinking we could go watch the new Harry Potter at the Odeon.
Jane: Harry Potter? I've been meaning to see that. Ok, when shall we meet?
Pete: Shall I pick you up around 7:30? The show starts at 8.
Jane: You've got your car today? Great! But won't you have problems finding somewhere to park?
Pete: There's a car park right opposite the cinema. We could go for a Chinese after.
Jane: Mmm, I'm feeling hungry already at the mere thought of it!
Pete: That's agreed, then. I'll see you around half seven!

Unscramble these jumbled sentences: Past Simple (Intermediate Plus)

Terrorist Attacks

1. No one was hurt in the rocket attacks.
2. They fired shots into the air as they fled.

Tourists warned as Asian hornets terrorise French

1. Hundreds of insects attacked a mother with her five-month-old baby.
2. There was nothing to halt their spread.

Female pilot killed in acrobatic display

1. A champion aerobatic pilot died when her light aircraft crashed.
2. She flew straight up in the air and then straight back down again.
3. She dropped straight into the ground.
4. An ambulance arrived very quickly but nobody took the pilot away.
5. No one else was injured in the incident.
6. The crash happened in the south-west corner of the famous racing circuit.

Unscramble these jumbled sentences: Past Simple 2 (Intermediate)

1. She suffered from anorexia for fifteen years.
2. He fell through overhead wires onto the track.
3. My story began with a simple desire to get fit.
4. At dawn, aircraft resumed water-dropping on the fires.
5. The attack took place at Mrs Davenport's home in Springfield Avenue.
6. The boy was hit by the 4.55pm Glasgow to Ardrossan Harbour train.
7. There was huge damage to the countryside.
8. He served eight years of his life sentence.
9. He was an overweight alcoholic with a 40-a-day smoking habit.
10. Professor Cummer caught the images of the event by chance.
11. The fires began late on Friday in Grammatiko and spread rapidly through forests.
12. Between 1910 and 1912, Amundsen led the first expedition to reach the South Pole.

Unscramble these jumbled sentences: Present Perfect (Advanced)

1. A teenage boy has died after falling from a bridge onto a railway track.
2. Since then, the 47-year-old has clocked 619 marathons.
3. The UK recession has ended according to a new study.
4. Officials have not said what started the fire.
5. The Scottish Parliament has returned a week early to take part in the emergency session.
6. Police have appealed for anyone with any information about the stabbing in Kempston to contact them.
7. There has been no significant increase in the proportion of patients referred to the services.
8. The Foreign Office has dismissed reports that ministers in London actively encouraged the Libyan's release.
9. Studies have shown that rehabilitation gives heart-attack patients a 26 per cent greater chance of surviving after five years.
10. The wildfires have raged unchecked for two days, burning houses and forcing thousands to flee their homes.***
11. Police have interviewed his doctor, but he has not been named as a suspect.
12. Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, has denied any wrongdoing.
13. The coroner's office has not published its findings regarding the singer's death.
14. Controversial world champion athlete Caster Semenya has arrived home in South Africa to a hero's welcome.

Unscramble these jumbled sentences - idioms (Advanced)

1. No additional evidence has come to light since this case has concluded.
2. In a slip of the tongue, U.S. President Barack Obama described Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as president.
3. The social networking site Facebook has come under fire for planned changes to its privacy settings.
4. Harriet Harman digs in her heels to demand tougher rape law.
5. She smiled and laughed as I tried to get to the bottom of it.
6. Piquet endured a torrid time at Renault before being unceremoniously dropped.
7. Spain had their backs to the wall throughout the game against the United States.
8. European cars have started to make inroads into the Japanese market.
9. There is no love lost between Contador and Armstrong out of the saddle.
10. Sir Elton John was sent packing with a flea in his ear.
11. Rumours of sightings of Michael Jackson's ghost spread across the Internet like wild fire.
12. The 33-minute address was a splash of cold water for Africans who blame colonialism for their problems.
13. Morrison was an absolute monster who wormed his way into the family’s affections.

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