Friday, 14 May 2010

Geometry in Art: Symbols and Lines

Last updated: 2 Nov 2010
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Mathematicians are artists and artists sometimes need to be mathematicians, too! Here, we present (my thanks goes to the cooperation of José Alberto of IES Los Tarahales, who did most of the work, really) some common basic expressions.

The file is, as usual, available in Scribd and SlideShare.

How can you use it? One way is to cut them up along the lines so that you end up with a pile of diagrams and another of descriptions. You can either mix them up or leave them as two separate piles. The idea then is to have a student pick one up at random, and draw the diagram on the board, if he gets a description, or if he gets the diagram, to say the name of it.

Another activity is for the students to work in pairs or in groups. Each group is given a set of the cut-up squares. They then have to match the descriptions to the diagrams. The group which is the first to get all correct is the winner. You can reward them or set a forfeit for the slowest group.

Or you can play the ever popular Bingo! Look at my post on Instant Bingo for instructions on an alternative method.

Geometry in Art: Symbols and Lines

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