Sunday, 23 May 2010

How to Draw Cartoons - Basic Instructions and Worksheet

Last updated: 2 Nov 2010

With the help of José Alberto of IES Los Tarahales, I've come up with this PowerPoint presentation and worksheet which will help initiate students into the world of cartoon art.

There are four exercises, the first of which guides the student in making a character out of a stick figure in four steps. In the worksheet, the student is expected to draw each step separately, in order to make sure they understand the methodology. The teacher could, while presenting the PowerPoint, himself follow the steps and draw on the board while the students draw on their worksheet.

The second exercise uses the same concepts, but now the student draws a running figure, each step superimposing on the previous.

The third and fourth involves the use of their imagination. Ask someone to doodle something on the board. The teacher converts this into something more meaningful, e.g. a man, an animal, etc. Do this a few times before asking volunteers to come up to the board to do it. This is a fun activity, and they will love it!

In the fourth exercise, they try to animate geometric figures, such as a box, an oval, etc.

As usual, both the presentation and the worksheet are available from Scribd and Slideshare. Please be aware that this presentation needs to be downloaded and played as a presentation for it to make sense. What you see below is just a preview.

How to Draw Cartoons - Worksheet

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