Thursday, 3 March 2011

Conditional Type 3 with Keith Whitley: Interactive Cloze Activity

16 Biggest Hits (Slip) Keith Whitley - Greatest Hits

Here's a simple fun activity for you to practise listening and conditionals.

First, listen to the song, and you can follow the lyrics if you want (there are some minor errors).
Then, click on the image below the lyrics, and this will direct you to an interactive cloze activity, prepared using Lucy Georges' Cloze Creator. Try to fill in the gap (with or without listening to the song again).

Tip: You can use the TAB key to move from one gap to the next.

When you've finished, answer these questions:

1.  Under which genre would you classify this song?
2.  What's your opinion of the song?
3.  Did the singer love his lover 'all night long'? How do you know? How does he express this?
4.  Is the singer still with his lover? How do you know?
5.  Construct three sentences with a similar grammatical structure.

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Thanks to Nik Peachey for telling us about Batlyrics.

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