Thursday, 3 March 2011

Idioms Part 18 (Food - Eggs) Interactive Game

This train of idioms is still moving on...and we're now on Part 18. Look through these before you attempt the game (by clicking on the image at the bottom).

a good egg /a bad egg

a good person or a bad person

can't even boil an egg

This is used to say how bad a person cooks: Rashid does all the cooking at home; his wife can't even boil an egg!

have/get egg on your face

When you have egg on your face, you are embarrassed because you have done something very stupid or committed a silly error:  He was bad-mouthing his company to this man at the party last night, but it turned out that the man is his new boss! Boy, did he have egg on his face!

put all your eggs in one basket

When you're risking everything on just one thing, be it an idea, a plan, or even a person, you're said to be putting all your eggs in one basket: Sam's just inherited quite a sum of money, and she's invested it all in her friend's new company. I told her she shouldn't have put all her eggs in one basket.

chicken-and-egg situation

This is a situation where you don't know which the cause is and which the effect is - which came first? The chicken or the egg?

teach one's grandmother to suck eggs

You do this when you give advice to someone who knows more than you: Can you believe that my 7-year-old son was trying to teach me how to use my new mobile phone? It was a bit like teaching his grandmother to suck eggs!

walk on eggs/eggshells

When you're walking on eggs or on eggshells, it means that you're being very careful, especially because you might hurt someone: We've been walking on eggshells in the office lately because our boss has just lost his wife.

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