Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Have you got an e-Reader/tablet? I need your views!

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Was it an unintentional mind-over-matter mishap, or was it a sublime message from divinity?

I had just started thinking, over the weekend, if I ought to get myself an e-Reader when suddenly, yesterday, after staying quietly fixed on the wall for almost ten years, one of our bookshelves decided it was tired of being there, ripped itself off from the aforementioned wall, and plunged down onto the other shelf below it, and both came thundering down on me!

Instinctively, I shot out my arms and my right foot (!) to stop them from crashing on the floor! Crazy, huh? Well, it could have been worse, I guess, but I 'only' ended up with a swollen ankle and sprained wrist.

And the moral of the story is ... get rid of all the books!

Seriously speaking, though, I would like to hear from all of you regarding e-Readers.

Have you got an e-reader or a tablet? Kindle, Nook or Sony? iPad? Which? Why did you choose that make/model?
Do you think e-Readers are here to stay, or will they be obsolete soon?
Will there be a piracy problem as in the music industry? If you're an author, what are your views?
Do you read more/less with an e-Reader? Do you leave more books unfinished?

All opinions would be sincerely appreciated.

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