Sunday, 16 August 2009

Unscramble these jumbled sentences Part 3: Daily Routines (Elementary)

23 March 2010: The online version can be found here.

Here's one for the elementary level. The theme is daily routine. Pay careful attention to the instructions, and, as usual, comments are much appreciated. Answers are available in a separate post - you'll just have to look for it!
Have fun learning!

Jumbled Sentences: Daily Routines (Elementary)


  1. Hi Chiew

    I love what you are doing with Wordles!  You have a great blog full of practical stuff.  I'll definitely be using your site with future students.


  2. Thanks Janet! SOmehow I'd missed your comment here :-[
    I have more Jumbled sentences presentations planned, so watch out for them! 8-)

  3. Hello Rino... not someone with many words???  =-X ;) :-D


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