Saturday, 13 November 2010

Sir Ken Robinson Responds to Twitter Questions

About a month ago, the great Sir Ken Robinson put out a request on Twitter for us to ask him questions (#askSKR) about education. He has, unsurprisingly, been inundated with questions. He has, so far, published four video responses, with more coming along the way, I would imagine. If you haven't heard about Sir Ken, please do watch this video here:

Q4: Educational Hierarchy

Q3: How do you feel about the actual subjects covered in school? What should the youth really learn and study? (I personally would replace 'actual' by 'current' and remove the definite article from 'the youth'. Does anyone else share my thought?


Q2: Assessing Creativity

Q1: In January 2004, US college grad's unemployment rate exceeded that of high school dropouts. What does this mean for diplomas and degrees?

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