Sunday, 21 November 2010

TEA 2010, Powerpoint Presentation Uploaded

Some of you had come to me and asked for a copy of my presentation, so here it is. Although I covered only a cross-section of the possible technological tools that can be used in education, I hope I have inspired you enough to try some of them. Note that the examples in the presentation are linked, so make full use of them.

Don't forget to complete the survey. The results can be seen by everyone, so do take a look at what your peers thought of the sessions, too.

Over the next days or so, time permitting, I will post some tutorials which I hope will help clear some of the doubts some of you have. I'm sorry that there wasn't enough time in the workshop session to help everyone. So, keep coming back here to read!

One of the major problems was not being able to do some of the activities I'd shown, or not being able to see some parts of my blog.

Most important, I always encourage people to have more than one browser. A lot of you just use INTERNET EXPLORER. I'm afraid that this isn't suitable for some sites, especially if you have older versions. So, do keep it up to date, and also, have another browser handy. I'd recommend Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. When one doesn't work, try the other.

Most of the games and activities I'd shown use Flash and/or Java, so make sure you have them in your machine and that they are allowed to execute.

Don't forget to look at the USEFUL RESOURCES page if you can't find any of the tools I've mentioned.

And, I keep repeating, don't hesitate to ask me for help! Below each post, you'll see 'n comments', where n is the number of comments for that post. Click on it to bring you to the comment menu where you can read other comments or write your own.

This blog: All the resources you find here in my blog are free for you to use. Just let your audience know where the material came from. If you want to link to any of the online activities, I'd prefer you to link to the relevant post here rather than directly to the activity itself. I was surprised when some of you expressed doubts regarding using my material. Sure, if you want to buy me a coffee every now and then, it will be most appreciated! ;-) And, yes, everything here has been the result of my own sweat - some of you were surprised at this, too. Of course, I've had to use other people's resources, too. That's what the Internet is for - sharing, but I always try to credit my sources. If I'd missed it somewhere, I'd appreciate being told. Alternatively, if you see my material being used elsewhere without proper credit, I'd appreciate being told, too.

Purpose Games: I use this site quite a lot. If you plan to use my Purpose Games (all my point-and-click games are there), do ask your students to register. That way, you can keep track of who has done what and what kind of scores they have. This, hopefully, would encourage healthy competition between them.

And do ask your students to place comments here in this blog, too.

bridging the gap between digital native...

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 Product Key CardBeyond Bullet Points: Using Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007 to Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate, and InspireThis PowerPoint presentation can also be downloaded from Slideshare and Google Sites. Those of you who have Microsoft Office versions 2003 or older can download from Scribd.

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