Monday, 29 November 2010

Soft & Fluffy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Image by Chiew Pang
It's quite amazing how much terrible Chocolate mousse I have tasted considering it is such a simple recipe! At least mine is. A good mousse should be soft and fluffy, yet firm, not runny.


Egg whites (one to one-and-a-half egg per person)
30-40g of dark chocolate (50% cocoa) per person

And, that's it!

1. Melt the chocolate in a medium-sized bowl (au bain-marie or in the microwave). If you're doing it in the microwave, 30-40 seconds ought to be enough. Don't overdo it. It should be slightly lumpy - stir the warm chocolate to dissolve the lumps. In any case, I like to leave traces of small lumps of chocolate.

2. Mount the egg whites until soft peaks form.

3. Fold the whites into the melted chocolate, a little at a time.

4. Scoop the mixture into ramekins or wine glasses. If you wish, garnish the mousse with a walnut or hazelnut in the middle.

5. Leave them in the fridge to cool, preferably overnight.

See? No cream, no yolks, no sugar, no frills and fancy! Just whites and chocolate for the perfect mousse. The simple test for a mousse is to invert the ramekin. If the mousse stays in place, it's ready. If it makes a mess, ouch!

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